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Sanctified Singles Ministry is designed to develop Men and Women to be completely whole in God. In return they become successful singles that will be productive in both the Kingdom of God and society. This ministry focuses on the "first things first" principle; you must first Love God before you can love others. For this reason, our ministry is primarily focused on cultivating a personal relationship with the Lord. Our heart is for our singles to fall deeper in love with God and as they grow in their love for the Lord, He will increase their love and compassion for others. 

Our singles ministry is committed to helping singles discover and pursue their God-given purpose and destiny. Integrity, Honor, Male & Female Roles, Stages of Friendship, Relationship Development, Abstinence, Courtship, Commitment and Communication are regular topics of discussion. Singles are encouraged to serve the Lord with all their heart and allow God to choose their mate.


“Single in Purpose – Together In Christ”

1. Encourage Spiritual Development and Maturity
2. Encourage Integrity and Character Development
3. Establish a Singles Fellowship Ministry
4. Establish a Singles Teaching Ministry
5. Establish a Leadership and Success Development Ministry
6. Establish a Courtship Mentoring Ministry
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