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Next Generation Children Ministry

Next Generation Children’s Ministry is for children (Ages 3 – 12). Now holds its own Sunday Services.  Each Service begins with Prayer, “The Rules,” and lively Praise & Worship. Our NGC teachers also present Bible principles through the use of Memory Verses, Stories, Illustrated Sermons and Crafts. NGC sponsors Special Outings and activities from time to time. NGC is under the leadership of Pastor Cassandra and facilitated with trained children’s ministers.


“Children’s Learning to Rule and Reign for Christ”


                           1. Develop Self Esteem, Character and Leadership
                           2. Establish a NGC Children’s Church ministry to teach the Word of God.
                           3. Establish a NGC Prayer Team
                           4. Establish a NGC Praise and Worship Team
                           5. Establish a NGC Choir
                           6. Establish a NGC Puppeteer Squad
                           7. Establish a NGC “Heart to Heart” Outreach Ministry to minister to less fortunate children
                               and to support children’s mission efforts at home and abroad.

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