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Covenant Couples is the marriage ministry of Word Believing Christian Center committed to “Building Strong Marriages That Make a Difference” by teaching what the Word of God says about the role of husband and wife, relationship building, parenting, and fellowship. Whether your marriage is strong and mature, in the honeymoon stage, a blended family, or “on the rocks,” Covenant Couples will show you how to apply the Word of God to every situation. You can find satisfaction, joy, fulfillment and God’s purpose in your marriage. 

Word Believing Christian Center sponsors an annual 1-2 day Marriage Advance Seminar for married and espoused couples. Regular fellowships and outings are sponsored on an ongoing basis. Covenant Couples is under the leadership of Pastors Cornelius & Cassandra Berry and facilitated with appointed married ministers.

“Building Strong Marriages That Make a Difference”

1. Establish a Marriage Success Ministry
2. Establish a Marriage Counseling Ministry
3. Establish a Marriage Fellowship Ministry
4. Establish a Marriage Mentoring Ministry
5. Establish a Pre-Marriage Counseling Ministry
6. Establish a Wedding Planning Advisory Ministry
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