The Prophetic Word for 2020

I'm hearing the Lord, our Redeemer, say that in the coming days we will see and step into a season of revelation on the release of His power. Even those who have walked in faith for years shall believe in greater dimensions of His power to save, deliver and to prosper. Such instances of these manifestations are for His glory and not human profit and pride.

Look! Look! Look for the return of "the prodigals". The waiting is over, this is the season that the revival of prayer in the body of Christ individually and corporately pays off with manifestation of transformed lives. In 2020, you will see Heaven releasing strategic visions and dreams for the future in night seasons to those who will not waiver in their trusting reliance on Him for plans and ideas.

Fear not! Fear not! Fear not! But obey His plans and see all that has been lost through the enemy's attacks, schemes and even your negligence shall be recovered in the double measure. Be careful not to let your faith slip at the sounds of terror and begin to glorify the acts of the wicked. But use your tongue to magnify the power of God's goodness and protection! Don't faint or be weary, this is the season of expansion of ministry through ordained partnerships that will activate the power of agreement.

Expect! Expect! Expect unusual Kingdom advancements, you will be amazed that the voice of His Word in various technical venues will not be resisted but will be welcomed not only at home, abroad and even to the uttermost parts of the earth. The Holy Spirit is at work brooding over the hearts and minds of the slothful and even those who have stumbled birthing in them refreshing repentance and humble restoration.

Run! Run! Run to the sound of proven voices of radical, unrestricted praise and worship, experience my presence and its power to bring Victory, and Vindication! Rejoice for even the heathen will acknowledge My good hand on your life!





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