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Church in Action/Power of Twelve

     The Power of Twelve follows the principle that Jesus used in the Bible to make disciples who would be Followers of Christ and Fishers of Men. Every member of WBCC is encouraged to participant in a Power of Twelve Group. Truth Bearers, who are leaders of groups of 12, facilitate discussions in Wednesday Bible Study from a Word of God taught by our Pastor. As groups grow to more than 12, they shall “multiply” by the appointment of additional certified Truth Bearers.
Master Truth Bearers
The group of leaders, who were certified and met all requirements and training from the first Truth Bearer Training, are called Master Truth Bearers. As groups multiply and as the need arises, the Pastor may appoint additional Master Truth Bearers who have successfully: (1) completed Truth Bearer Training; (2) demonstrated their faithfulness, loyalty and leadership ability, and (3) served as Truth Bearer.
Truth Bearers
Truth Bearers are leaders of groups of 12 appointed by the Pastor who have: (1) successfully completed Truth Bearer Training, and (2) demonstrated their faithfulness, loyalty and leadership ability.

There is no special requirement for participation in the Power of Twelve. All WBCC members are encouraged to choose and join a Power of Twelve group. Any WBCC member who has not chosen a group will be assigned to a group. A member can change his/her assignment from one group to another group after consultation with the Pastor.

Truth Bearer Trainings
The Pastor shall schedule and facilitate Truth Bearer Trainings on an ongoing basis as the need arises.

CIA/12 is under the leadership of Pastor Cornelius S. Berry and facilitated with trained Master Truth Bearers and Truth Bearers.

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